VR QUALITY S.a.s. carries out consultancy activities aimed at:

Gap Analysis: identification of the gap from the standard according to which the company wants to be certified. This intervention, usually carried out in just a couple of days, helps the company to understand how far its organisation is from the normative requirements of IATF 16949, and constitutes the first step towards IATF certification.

Implementing management systems such as IATF 16949 and ISO 9001, or upgrading from an ISO 9001 certified system to a - much more complex - IATF 16949 certified system. Using the automotive process approach, a detailed action plan is drawn up defining all the actions to be implemented in the company to make its management system compliant with the relevant standard.

Improvement of production processes: our consultants, having more than 20 years experience in manufacturing, can support our clients in improving the performance of their production and organizational processes in order to minimize the risk of potentially defective products being placed on the market.

Internal audits and/or supplier audits: in order to meet regulatory requirements for internal audits (system, process or product audits), to qualify new suppliers or to verify the correct implementation of robust corrective actions against supplier complaints, our consultants can perform all types of audits in relation to the main automotive standards. If your client requires VDA 6.3 audits (internal or to your supply chain), our consultants are VDA 6.3 certified and can meet these requirements. If you need CQI audits on your special processes, our auditors are qualified for it.

Preparation and support during audits of your customers: a service that is increasingly in demand in the automotive world, to demonstrate maximum knowledge and expertise to your existing or potential customers.

Analysis of supply or CSR specifications in order to obtain a clear interpretation of the requirements expressed by the customer.

Management of FMEA meetings for a more effective analysis and containment of risks from the earliest stages of new product development or new production processes.